Clones and lifeguards, what they are, categories, why they exist and how they are made.


This is a complete article for the readers of “SLAUGHTER”, which we have prepared for you for cloning.

Before we move on, read some historical cloning data and related experiments.

1890 – A rabbit embryo is successfully transplanted into a host mother rabbit womb.

1944 – A human egg is fertilized in a tube, that is, in simple terms, an egg is artificially fertilized in a test tube.

1952 – Briggs & King of Indiana University clones a frog.

1970 – Rand Corporation predicts that “para-humans” will be genetically created to do manual labor in the future. In a completely different case, Lord Rothschild, a physiologist who has studied genetics, warned that egocentric fanatics could set up private cloning shops. Lord Rothschild suggested to geneticists that a clone control body with international jurisdiction for the cloning license be set up to protect the world from bad people who may want to clone people for bad purposes. He called his proposal a “Genetic Testing Committee”.

1977 – Announcement of the first successful cloning of an individual, which was done for someone very rich. This whole affair was strongly attacked by the establishment. The book with the covered details was released in 1978. The author hid, and Congress held a parade of researchers to testify at an audition to get rid of the book and reassure the public that medical researchers were very concerned about ethics to clone people. The author was convinced of the truth of the cloning fact, although doctors in the media and institutions claimed that the author wrote the book merely as fiction.

1980 – Twinning of an embryo, which is a form of cloning, is successfully carried out with foals of horses, sheep and cattle – they have already been cloned in this way in previous years.

1981 – Mice are cloned. And embryo transfer for cattle is becoming a thriving business.

1983 – A buffalo foetus is successfully transplanted into a foster buffalo mother.

1984 – A human foetus is successfully transplanted and born to a human stepmother.

1997 – A successful human clone is announced in public.

Secret scientists became serious about cloning in the early 1960s . Abortions began to be carried out roughly at this time to provide embryonic tissue for cloning. The new generation of Americans asks, “When will humans be cloned?” The answer is that it has been a long time.

An article recently written by Andrew Kimbrell and published in many leading US daily newspapers is quite revealing. He almost comes to tell people what was going on. The article was entitled,

“Science is going to be delivered.” (22 June 1993)

“Α Most Americans do not know the true exploitation of today’s genetic engineers, scientific facts that in many cases are as cold as any science fiction…. Pigs have been genetically engineered to contain human development genes in the hope of crefating more “super pigs” with more meat. “…

The U.S. government and private investigators have spent billions of dollars taxpayers building tens of thousands of genetically modified animals they have never seen before. A leading scientist predicts that we will soon see,

“5 tons of cows and pigs 12 feet long and 5 feet high.

“Genetic engineers…. They have cloned higher mammals, including cattle….

One author notes that “genetic engineering has the potential to create a huge army of identical clones, each produced to a predetermined specification. Canon feed, scientists, opera singers, everything could be made to order… ”

The New York Times wrote, ” Life is special, and so are humans, but biological machines are still machines that can now be modified, cloned, and patented.” “- (POP! Readers MAKE A LOT BETWEEN THE LINES ARE TALKING ABOUT BIONIC ROBOTS – the robots that are now being created to take the place of humans in high places. And the cold idea that they will not be produced by machines treated as nothing more than machines – that is also an amazing idea.

In this author’s newsletter in September 1993 there were two articles by this author on cloning, one entitled ” Clones, Synthetic, Organic Robots and Duplicates” and the other “Dulce Genetic Research / Cloning Facility” . The month following the release of the September 1993 newsletter, the foundation came out with stories about human cloning.

This 1993 cloning was the first public revelation and publicly accepted human cloning, but the truth is that it had already been done secretly for about 30 years. In December 1993, I had a follow-up article on cloning where I looked at what the media was saying to people about cloning after the announcement of the “first” human cloning. My article also discussed the novel Multiple Man, which deals with exactly how the President’s copies are made. The book bears some striking resemblance to what he really did to President Carter!

Finally in September 1996, this author’s newsletter was released with his fourth article on cloning. This appendix is ​​not the last word on the subject. The whole issue of clones, synthetics, robots and duplicates could have a lot more.

This appendix is ​​merely an overview of the content of these four articles. Cloning is also largely related to the mind / body manipulation presented in this book. It is also related to the group mind / proxy that is made.

This author may at some point get into the deeper complications of cloning, but for now this appendix will provide his information in the following format:

Section A. The “Future Shock” to which this subject is submitted by the common person

Section B. Instructions on how to clone an individual

Section C. The four types of “clones” used by the Illuminati

  • real clones
  • synthetic people
  • organic robots.

a. How a person’s memory is transferred to organic robots

Double (look the same)

Section D. Secret Cloning Sites (See also Appendix B for US databases). Restart in Temas / Genetica

Section A.

The “Future Shock” to which this subject is submitted by the common person.

What happens when a technologically retarded person is suddenly confronted with a technologically advanced person? What happens is that people are called to change, in many cases stress is what Alvin Toffler described and called “Future Shock”. Over-stimulation of new ideas, new decisions, new ways of looking at things can cause great discomfort in the mind and body. Radical changes are needed to adapt to the new situation. In the case of Navajo, one can see receipts parked next to a hogan. In Nepal, the people of Nepal had never been through a time of horses and carriages, so they had no words to ride in their language. When the cars suddenly appeared – the first was transported to Kathmandu on the backs of porters, they had no words for “driving”, so they used the words “sit down and leave”. So we say “Let’s drive to the city”. They would literally say, “Let’s sit down and go to town.”

The American people have generally been kept in the dark about the limits of scientific progress. The known reasons that people have not learned are varied. The Cold War was one reason. Capitalist corporate advantage is another reason. They call it trade secrets. Scientific pride and the ability to surpass other researchers is another, and for the public only their technical terminology is enough to prevent people from closely monitoring the level of research that is going on. But most of the coverage is this: that the overall satanic plan is to keep people indifferent to these scientific developments, because they are often used to control and manipulate the world.

What has developed is a situation where the American people no longer come into contact with the secret technology of the elite. It is clear that the elite knows this and knows that one of the “Future Shock” must be reduced if it does not want to destroy society. You should know (mentally prepared) that most of this kind of readers will experience future shock when they read that human cloning is possible and has been going on for decades. The elite had a dilemma.

If society does not move forward to match their secret scientific developments, they will soon be like cavemen, meeting modern men. On the other hand, they certainly can not tell us what they are already doing, because they are using this technology against us to control us.

That’s why they give us movies that show us things they have already invented – but they are presented as fiction in these Hollywood movies.

They hope to teach Future Shock, which their own privacy has contributed significantly to creating, while maintaining control of the general population.

Some of the films that show the existing technology:

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Clone – cloning

Jurassic Park – cloning

Genesis II – underground genetics laboratories connected to buses

Terminal Man – brain stem implants

Star Trek – different types.

Aside from some of today’s secret technologies presented, the attitudes and beliefs that appear in both series, especially Star Trek the Next Generation, are the attitudes that the satanic elite wants people to have.

cloning methods klonopoihsh 02 – Clones and salvas what they are, categories, why they exist and how they are made.

Clones and lifeguards, what they are, categories, why they exist and how they are made. Human cloning.


The Scriptures give strong indications that the genetic monsters, half the Nephilim tribe, will be present in the last days. The Word of God also predicts that the mark of the beast will be needed for buying and selling.

One element taken from the book of Revelation is that a completely unexpected change will mark the end times. Christians must be prepared for unusually big changes. So great will be these changes that the nations will be troubled, and the hearts of men will fail for fear (LK 21: 25-27) The Bible foretold that knowledge would increase in the last days before Christ returned. (DN 12: 4) But this knowledge will be used for evil, because the Bible also says that the world will be as corrupt as in the time of Noah (MT 24:37) – which was a time of genetic monsters, half – afnos Nefalim.

He also says that men and horses will be out of work. (ZEC 8:10) And it is believed that Nahum 2: 3-4 should describe cars and that Isaiah 31: 5 and 60: 8 describe and prophesy aircraft on the last day. The description of the “beast signal” is surprisingly accurate in the description of the microchip inserted into the hands and foreheads of humans. Information to which the public is allowed access has been largely censored.

Still, despite the strict secrecy, if one takes the time to dig in and find basic objects written by scientists, one develops enough image to allow one to realize that one can already produce many things that the public is not aware of. Many times the articles will discuss only a small aspect of a larger process or say that we have the knowledge to do so, but the actual practice is years away. And somehow people swallow that we could have the ability to do it, but it is not.

For example, in a book published in 1979, Robert Gilmore McKinnel, Professor of Cell Genetics and Biology, College of Biological Sciences, University of Minnesota, wrote:

“It has been reported that mice and some large pets have been cloned. People do not have. “Because human. Reproductive biology is similar to that of mice and other mammals, it is possible that humans could be cloned.”

Some scientists who know what is really going on are afraid to say what they know. However, I have neither a professional reputation nor a job as a security guard. I have never sworn in secrecy in any of these institutions of the foundation. I can just tell you the truth without fear.

Section B.

Instructions on how to clone an individual.

For those who want a medical description of the only way humans can be cloned (and this ability has been around for at least a decade – and much more secretly.) The idea that we do not know how to do it is just a myth about public consumption. Any microbiologist is worth anything they know we have the knowledge and the means – they can only claim that human cloning did not happen because no one is supposed to want to.


The woman’s ovulation and ovaries can be monitored. Shortly before natural ovulation, there is an increase in luteinizing hormone called luteinizing hormone. This can be detected with either blood or urine samples. Follicle development can be monitored by ovarian ultrasound visualization.

The ultrasound diagnosis will reveal which side of the woman’s ovaries the maturing follicle is on. This process will allow people to know when the follicle is mature to retrieve the eggs. When the time is right, a hollow suction needle is inserted into one or more mature follicles under the visual guidance of the laparoscope.

The egg is removed with a little follicular fluid. Experienced laparoscopists have a success rate of over 90% in egg retrieval. Before that, it is possible to give the woman Clomiphene citrate, or to use this medicine in combination with another medicine, so that there are enough eggs that can be recovered at the same time. Oocytes obtained from mature follicles are not fertilized when recovered, although another procedure would be fertilization first, before extraction. If they do not fertilize first, then they can take the collected oocytes and incubate them in a culture medium for several hours to mature.

They need maturation because they were taken from the ovary before ovulation and are not as mature as spontaneous ovaries. The thawed or fresh semen is washed and centrifuged so that it is diluted to the appropriate concentration for lubrication in a tube. Artificial insemination takes place. After a few hours, (approximately 12) both pro-nuclei are recognizable for nucleation. Nucleation is carried out by one of the two established methods. One method is to nucleate it with micropipette surgery, another with a cell plate containing both male and female nucleoli. Both methods work well.

These nuclei are incidentally obtained from the internal cell mass of an early human embryo. It is still an established practice. Let us deviate slightly and explain the method of obtaining nuclei. The zona pellucida must be removed from a cultured embryo, the trophoderm separated from the inner cell mass, and then the cells separated with an appropriate enzyme into a calcium and magnesium-free salt solution.

Returning to the cloning process, there are several methods for combining a donor nucleus (obtained from its source using the method just mentioned) with nuclear cytoplasm (obtained from the fertilized female egg in a tube).

One may be implanting it surgically with a micropipette, the other is fusion with an inactivated Sendai virus. Whichever way is considered more sustainable by those who do it will be used. And then the human nuclear transplant will be cultured until it can be placed in a foster mother. When the clone reaches the stage of 8-16 cells, it will be transferred to the stepmother.

If needed, the transfer can be done later and the clone simply frozen. When the transfer is performed, the strand is pulled into a thin plastic tube (catheter) which will then be inserted through the cervix into the inside of the uterus. – This is the only process for successful human cloning. Other more sophisticated techniques may be used.

Section C.

The four types of “clones” used by the Illuminati:


Real clones

This is a person who has developed from a test tube (called “artificial insemination in a tube”) or an implanted uterus, which has the same genetic makeup as another person – an identical twin referred to in genetic terms. Genetic coding has been reproduced and now there is a young person who is an identical twin.


Synthetic people

These are “faces” that look almost real, like real people, but imitate people. Some tissues extracted from cattle are the starting point. (This is part of the reason for cattle mutilation.) The process is a breakthrough in a process discovered in the late 1950s. This 1959 experiment was reported in a 1968 book entitled The Biological Time Bomb by Gordon Rettray Taylor.

Taylor describes the experiment in France.

“They extracted DNA from the cells of the khaki Cam phells and injected it into the white Pekins, believing that the offspring of the latter could possibly show some character derived from khaki Campbells. To their surprise, the real injected ducks began to change. Their white wings darkened and their necks began to take on the strange curve that is a sign of Khaki Campbell. “

Scientists working under the auspices of the Rothschilds developed this process by working at a secret speed. They developed an advanced development of the process they discovered with the chicken DNA experiment. By the late 1970s, synthetic humans could be produced by the Illuminati.

cloning methods klonopoihsh 03 – Clones and salvas what they are, categories, why they exist and how they are made.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his lifeguard.

cloning methods klonopoihsh 04 – Clones and salvas what they are, categories, why they exist and how they are made.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his lifeguard.

cloning methods klonopoihsh 05 – Clones and salvas what they are, categories, why they exist and how they are made.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his lifeguard.


Organic robots.

It is an “artificial life” created through processes that are completely different from cloning or synthetics.

Biotechnology technology is created to make the most accurate replicas of important people, such as presidents and some of their staff.

For example, Jimmy Carter who came to Portland a few years ago, who from two meters away visually, was not Jimmy Carter who had voted as President. At Easter 1979, Jimmy Carter’s first robotic model replaced Jimmy Carter. This is one reason why President Clinton jogged without the expected security.

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The Kaiser Aluminum News published by Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation presented a series of articles to a specialized audience in the 1960s. This material was also published under the title The Dynamics of Change (Prentice-Hall: Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1967). .

Under the heading “GENETIC HANDLING” we read,

“The ability to control the formation of new beings can be one of the most fundamental developments of the future. Recent discoveries about nucleic acids, the basic building blocks of life, have led to the belief that man may one day be able to heal genes in such a way as to achieve the desired characteristics.

Under the heading “LIVING OF HUMAN MACHINES” we read,

There are computers that can learn, remember, see, look for goals, talk, walk, sing on the key, talk, be irritable, play games, catch, adapt to an environment and more and improve their design… As computers may one day contain plasma circulating through a gut-like envelope, allowing them to heal themselves. “

Under the title “HUMAN ROBOT” we read

… An electronic circuit that mimics two neurons, the cells of the human brain, was built and allowed a robot to deal with some unexpected situations, but the structure of the neuron was massive. The brain has billions of neurons, which means an incredible amount of miniature work will be needed before real “human” robots can be developed. “

As the reader knows from the 1960s, when an incredible miniature work was written it was done on computers. What the public knows about this miniature is incredible and that is only part of what really happened. In fact, scientists are now able to manipulate DNA to create computers.

A key thing to build a computer is the hardware that will consistently change given some type of “signal”. This is because the computer operates outside of base two – or what is simply a switch system – or a number system of 0 or 1.

Living biological material is superior to other computer materials because the heat generated by the methods in conventional computers slows down the speed. In order for supercomputers to operate at high speeds, they must use biological material that will not heat up. This type of minimization has already been done. It creates computers far beyond what we know.

Organic robots are amazingly humanoid, so human that it is difficult for the scientists who created them to get used to the idea that they are not humans. Biological computer brains for robots came as a result of hologram research.

If you tear a conventional photo, you destroy it, but if you tear the film that produces a hologram, each piece still contains almost all of the same image. This is why part of the human brain can be removed and the brain can recover what it had lost. A holographic image of an atom’s brain is created, and then when a robot’s brain is created, the biological computer in its head is forced to form according to the holographic record of a person being copied. Some deviations from the holographic record are required, because the “person” is a robot and not an atom.

The robot brain has almost all the proper memory of the person being reproduced, but the robot brain is really a computer made of programmed biological material, not the human brain. First, Clinton has the energy to jog because she may well be a robot, and second, killing a robot is not that serious.

These robots have a biological computer – a programmed brain. They can think in the sense that a computer thinks, but secret developments in understanding the human brain have allowed organic robot makers to have a person’s memory at a given time transferred to an organic robot. The key then to making what appears to be a clone – but not a real clone – is to capture the person being copied and make a holographic copy of the brain memory and transfer it to the robot.

How a person’s memory is transferred to organic robots.

In order to successfully make human organic robots – in the sense of making bionic robots – it was necessary to be able to simulate the personality of the person being copied.

The only viable solution was to learn how the brain encoded memory and copied it. The brain remembers about 10 million pieces of information per second. The incredible storage capacity of the human brain, which weighs an average of 3.25 pounds in humans and 2.9 pounds in human females, is incredible.

The brain can easily store 100 million billion pieces of information. No wonder we do not use them all. Not all computers in the world are comparable to the brain of an intelligent person.

Many tests and experiments from many different angles have all shown researchers that the brain stores information as a hologram. The part of the brain where memory is stored is not in a single location. Memories are stored in synapses sequentially, but are stored in a holographic method.

From what I understand, rhythmic pulses radiate from a small area of ​​the brain like a stone creating ripples in a lake. The waves pass through the brain, in the way that laser light is used to create a hologram. Different frequencies are used by the brain and different neuron pulses are used to report (label) the different details. These tags are the brain codes or reference templates for cataloging information.

The brain must be able to access the encoder / decoder (holographic code templates) for specific information to be retrieved for the conscious. Brain injuries can damage one decoder and leave the other decoders for a memory intact.

When multiple (person with MPD / DID) layers and amnesia wall layers (real walls) are created they are embedded in the brain and then specific codes are generated that cause the mind to bring these memory partitions to the surface. Each partition is integrated into an alter (personality) or functional part of the System (constructed somewhat like a series of computers). When a normal person can know a conscious and a somewhat subconscious piece running at the same time, the mind of a manifold runs many pieces at once.

Locally in the brain, the researchers described a memory storage unit as engram. Polypeptidonucleic acid contains information, such as trauma memory. Proteins and other substances are involved in the memory process. How a person eats can affect their mental abilities.

But we must remember that a memory is held holographically in countless places in the memory storage area of ​​the brain, just as the ripples of a stone fall into the water flowing across an entire lake.

The mind will have a number of reference points from which a specific memory can be decoded. The information stored in the brain is dynamic and holographic. It is not stored as a book. If the dynamic impulses of the brain stop, so do the memories. Freezing and reviving a human brain will serve to erase its memory. We will try to explain things clearly if the reader can stand with us.

The reason we recognize objects so quickly is that the brain performs something similar to what researchers call Fourier transfer. Messages are transmitted via Fourier transform messages. What is the message of the Fourier transform? Fourier transform is a mathematical method where a complex wave or pattern is split and converted into a substantially larger but more accurate signal of simpler frequencies. In other words, it is difficult to communicate a linear line, but through the Fourier transform, a series of numbers is made that is quite easy to transmit.

In other words, a complex squiggly line and a straight line after conversion are both equally easy to record. The brain stores information in a format similar to a Fourier transform, so that when it has to look for similar patterns, it can quickly overlook everything except a similar Fourier transform pattern. A mental comparison is made so quickly that it enables the brain to “recognize” people it has not seen in years. The memory holograms made by the brain are transmitted via Fourier transform messages.

Holograms are difficult to destroy because each piece contains a whole. Copy a hologram in half and you still have the same image. Cut it in half again and the same image remains. After many cuts in half, the hologram begins to be a bit blurry, as it loses some of its details, but the whole picture is still there.

This is why memories begin to become somewhat vague, because we deflate only a small part of the brain that records memory. However, if we can take more than the holographic image of memory, we have a more distinctly detailed picture.

It was a secret hologram search that enabled Illuminati scientists to copy the memory of an entire brain. A holographic image of the host brain is created and transferred to the biological matter that functions as the robotic brain. Since the body and brain of the robot are not identical to the original person being copied, adaptations must be taught and programmed in the mind of the robot. The whole process is sophisticated, but then many manufacturing processes apply today.

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Double Doubles (look similar).

There is a continuous program to find similar looks for prominent people, as well as a program to create secret identical twins (who are separated at birth and never see each other). George W. Bush’s double was indistinguishable, while George W. Bush is a pedophile. His double lived in France since Bush was no longer president. By using doubles (or one of the synthetic or organic robots) the elite is able to slip in and do satanic rituals.

In some cases, if Clinton or Bush only had to do low-level public work, they could have a double substitute. The Illuminati, who worked with various organizations, had a similar function, where duplicate specific key individuals were found and then used.

In the pub book Desert Shield and The New World Order. from Northpoint Tactical Teams, Topton, NC, if you look at page 32 you will see a picture of the original FDR that had a mole over his eyes and then you will see a picture of the Roosevelt double they used, which had no moles and had different ear lobes. Roosevelt may have died before his actual announcement. Over the years I have seen many photos exposing either the Robotoids or the doubles they use.

An earlier article by this author S ’93 had some photographs of the late Pope Paul VI, whom the book Be Wise As Serpents said was murdered. This recent Pope was replaced by a double who had undergone plastic surgery. As the double grows, plastic surgery will not be as convincing, because time changes people differently. A former Catholic said the whole thing sounds like science fiction. It sounds far-fetched at first, but the evidence is there for people to see.

The former Illuminati have said about the dual program. From what I understand, the dual or similar program was more successful than robots and synthetics. The reason is that people live longer and are more reliable in some ways. The project of finding like-minded people was very successful. Plastic surgery was also performed to help touch the doubles.

Section D.

Secret cloning parts.

(See also Annex B, where US bases are listed)

Ada Oklahoma Underground is used to clone humans. Other cloning plants prove to be strange creatures. Due to the relevant processes, they emit a lot of gamma radiation (gamma is at the end of the spectrum of electromagnetic waves – it is an even larger wave than ultraviolet).

Because they emit gamma radiation, these plants must be deep underground. Cloning is done at level 7. The average depth (according to one of the men who created this Deep Underground Millitary – DUM facility) is 5,600 feet. The secret government is building them non-stop since WW II.

One of the men who betrayed the human race and helped with cloning was Austrian-born Simon Wiesenthal.

The Simon Wiesenthal , was an American agent information with photographic memory (perhaps a brain stem). Wiesenthal was seriously chasing Nazis who did not belong to CIA payroll or related CIA teams. Simon Wiesenthal, disguised as a great Nazi hunter, helped protect the FBI and CIA agents who were Nazi criminals. Wiesenthal tried to stop CBS from doing a show exposing the FBI-Nazi connection.

Jewish Intelligence (Mossad) knew everything about the hundreds if not thousands of Nazi war criminals who worked for the US Intelligence and the FBI, but were never made public. Instead, they occasionally used the information as leverage against American intelligence.

Unholy Trinity is a book written about how the Vatican, the US State Department and MI-6 smuggled Nazis from Germany at the end of World War II. An entire book could be written about the thousands of hardline Nazis working for American intelligence, but Simon Wiesenthal’s name is mentioned here because it helped start the cloning for the worst elements of the New Order.


There are reports of a secret cloning installation at Bull Run near Mt. Hood. The Bull Run is a large area of ​​forest land, with several water reservoirs / lakes created to supply water to the Portland subway area. My home in Lincoln St. was also close to 8 reservoirs built on nearby Mt. Tabor. These tanks at Mt. Tabor was also for drinking water in Portland. Reservoirs on Mount Tabor have simple fences around them and people can throw rubbish in these tanks if they want to do harm.

However, a very isolated Bull Run water supply is very well protected. It is rare that people moved away from the area anyway. People say that this large piece of land is just for water supply in Portland, and several years ago a military unit calculated the area after receiving information.

They managed to locate 3 heavily protected defense rings in the Bull Run reservoir. The area has a lot of electronic monitoring etc. It is either the most precious water in the green earth of God, or there is something else near Mount Larch (south of the famous Multnomah Falls sitting on I-84) – something other than a reservoir of water.

Of course, those who know know that it is an underground facility used by the CIA. It is no coincidence that Tektronics here in the Portland area operates / researches with holograms.


An article about the Dulce base prompted a small group of devout Christians to try to find the facility. It was reported that they found nothing and that the detention police and the locals claimed that they had not even heard of underground facilities.

The city of Dulce has a small population. There is little that everyone does not know about what is happening in the area, and yet they are surprised by the issue of an underground installation.

According to someone who has worked at the secret underground military bases in Dulce, the openings to the north and south face (Aztec Cliffs) are still in use. In fact the cliff that has an Aztec-like face on Mount Archeleta has been closed with cement as hikers continued to move away in the area. A deep needle detector that could detect metal or magnetism deep could reveal secret underground military bases, but people who approach it often disappear.


This Appendix covers 4 different methods that have been used to make copies of humans, these were cloning, making synthetic copies, making organic robots and finding doubles. [The programs for all four of these methods had almost unlimited funding from the information elite / Illuminati.]

Then, the basic principles for creating a synthetic human being were covered. Synthetic humans somehow found themselves superior to the robots that were created. The early years of robots were full of problems. Synthetics were people who had changed their genes to look more like a person they had to copy.

Robots were the formation of new beings that look like humans but are actually bionic robots. Their memories were created using living “brain tissue” which is a kind of programmable biological material and programming this material as an advanced computer.

In order to capture the memory of the person being copied, a holographic image of the person’s brain is made and transferred to the robot. Because the robot does not function as a human (although the end result is almost identical, so that viewers know what differences to look for), there are of course some adjustments to be made after the holographic image of the host is transferred to the living biological material. which will function as the brain of the robot.

The Illuminati’s ability to copy individuals using the 4 methods listed above is not a defining factor in their plans to control the world, but it does give them great flexibility in their operation.

So we have to have the following on the back of our head.

“Never, do you think you see, the one you think you see.”

For “SLAUGHTER” Demertzis Ioannis .

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